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AMAXRA is a fast-growing business communication company founded by Rosalyn Arntzen in 2007. The company is based on one core belief: great collaboration yields great success. Rosalyn's keen business sense brings together a dynamic team with unique skill sets and perspectives, who share her work ethic and values. At AMAXRA, our goal is to deliver communication solutions that not only meet and exceed your expectations, but also save time and increase productivity. We focus on your specific needs, your pain points, your goals -- and then we create the most effective solution for your business.

Our Culture

AMAXRA’s company culture is driven by passionate people who believe that, with the power of collaboration, anything is possible. By encouraging staff and consultants to do what they love, we develop highly engaged specialists. No one can be an expert at everything, so AMAXRA creates a collaborative team environment that fosters the expertise your business needs -- and allows us to deliver optimum solutions.

Our Philosophy

Our clients and consultants come first! Every process in the company is carefully crafted to represent fair and honest practices. We regularly enhance our offerings based on feedback and client needs. It is AMAXRA’s policy to be consistently transparent and agile.

Our Nature

Our primary focus is on our clients. We understand and support their need for flexibility, as objectives change over time. Our collaborative approach makes us agile when the client needs it most. Our consultants are passionate about what they do, which allows us to bring our very best to a project.

“Above all, you want to create something you are proud of. That’s always been my philosophy of business. I can honestly say that I have never gone into any business purely to make money. If that is the sole motive, then I believe you are better off doing nothing.”

Sir Richard Branson

Why select AMAXRA over a larger firm?

Our communication expertise is world-class. We have executive communication writers, editors and presentation consultants on staff, each with decades of experience supporting prominent executives and companies. They also have extensive technology experience that enables us to scale up or down, regardless of the size of project. We offer our clients the specialized skills of our wide base of expert consultants at a great value.

At AMAXRA, we work both virtually and globally to meet our clients’ needs. We manage global time and communication barriers efficiently, so that our results are seamless for our clients .

Our Core Values Include:

Client Focus

Our client is our top priority. Meeting and then exceeding our clients’ expectations is at the heart of everything we do.


Our quality standards bar is high, and we meet it with room to spare. You’ll experience our commitment to quality in every project we deliver for you. AMAXRA has an unfailing drive toward quality, transparency, honesty, collaboration, and doing the right thing well every time.


Our working relationship with you is built on our ability to deliver what we say we can. You’ll come to trust that we know what we’re doing, and that we take all of your business needs and expectations seriously. As a company, we are transparent with our solutions, contracts, rates, and timelines. There won’t be any negative surprises; you can trust that.


Open collaboration is the keystone of our business model. We create world-class results for our clients because we share our knowledge as well as new ideas while we work together to achieve the overall goal. Our senior talent mentors the teams as needed, to share valuable insight, thought leadership, and experience that contributes multiple perspectives and a variety of strong skill sets to the work we do for you.

Why the Nautilus Shell?

The nautilus shell symbolizes AMAXRA’s business philosophy: symmetry, elegance in design and flow. We really like the shell's design; holistically, it suggests natural timelessness, artful prose, graphic design, imagination and creativity all at the same time... which is how we like to think about the work we do for our clients.

At AMAXRA, we provide communication solutions that reveal an unmatched symmetry to your business. We create thought-provoking, imaginative business communication from strategy to implementation, and support that work with follow-up measurement. We deliver solutions that are unique, agile, and flexible, able to withstand the test of your time.​​​​​