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Cassidy Marchi
How To Stop Dynamics 365 From Overwriting Your Account Activity History

Have you ever had a top-performing sales employee move out of your organization? Good account history data in your customer relationship management (CRM) solution is essential for the success of new person in that role. If you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, reassigning an account owner has a quirky default behavior that could rewrite key account acti...

Cassidy Marchi
Creating Partnerships

The consulting world can be confusing to novices. It is easy to get lost in the initial chaos and constant change when you take on a new job at a consulting firm. Amaxra offers these proven tips for new consultants to put you down the path of success: Provide Visibility During Your Onboarding Process As a consultant, there is a responsibility to be av...

Cassidy Marchi
Introduction to Amaxra Workshops

Our biggest success is giving our clients an optimization breakthrough in their business. Listening to our customers' pain points, our Solution Delivery team discovered most companies work harder than necessary due to broken business processes. To address this need, Amaxra is introducing process planning workshops for our customers. During these ...

Cassidy Marchi
Auditing Unsubscribes with a Customer Feedback Survey

Have you ever wondered why your recipients decide to unsubscribe from your emails? Acquiring this information can help you improve your email marketing campaigns and target the right recipients. To collect this data, all you need to do is integrate a ClickDimensions survey with your subscription management page. Start by building a survey. Your su...

Cassidy Marchi
Getting Organized

A new year is all about a new you! We set resolutions, work with our friends and family to stay on track and focus on being organized. In 2016, Microsoft released a new experience in Office 365, Office 365 Planner and it has since become an Amaxra favorite, for getting organized. The Planner tool makes it easy for your team to create new plans, or...

Cassidy Marchi
Evolving Business: The Changing Culture of Millennials in the Workplace

Out with the old and in with the new. It is a common phrase and, when it comes to the workplace, it has never been more appropriate. In recent years, a change in workplace culture have occurred around the world. The reason? Millennials. Young workers entering the job market are shaking things up, calling for a reform of the old ways and a reevalua...

Cassidy Marchi
Holiday Greetings

During the holidays and throughout the year, our team treasures giving back and recognizing those that work with us, for us and partner with us in our success. Over the past few weeks, Amaxra’s Engagement Manager, Jennifer Blakeslee, will be trekking across the Microsoft campus to deliver holiday gifts! Jennifer is dedicated to staying connected w...

Cassidy Marchi
Connecting with our Consultants: Webinars to Increase Visibility

You asked and we listened! To keep our active and potential consultants engaged with what the latest opportunities in Amaxra , our Resourcing team has kicked off a weekly Consultant webinar. The weekly webinar was started with you in mind, to keep candidates informed about opportunities, get answers to any burning questions and offer ways to get ...

Cassidy Marchi
Changing the Game with Marketing Automation Tool Click Dimensions

Click Dimensions’ marketing automation provides an intuitive experience that can power up your business while increasing your company’s productivity and revenue. By using the tools within Click Dimensions, a company can generate interest in a product, create interactive automations that are based on user history and track customer interests and in...

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