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Jacqueline Touma
Relationships are at the core of CRM and your customer data that feeds them.

CRM (customer relationship management) lauded as the modern day hero of marketing and sales can provide your business with key strategic and competitive advantages. Adeptly used it helps your business attract, retain and grow your customer base. There is no shortage of choices for CRM systems, platforms and add-ons. From Microsoft Dyn...

Rosalyn Amtzen
Great workplaces don’t just happen, they are made. Top Down and Bottom Up.

  For me, as a small business leader and entrepreneur, it is all about fostering an environment where people work better and thrive because they are passionate about what they do with a supporting culture. Employees need to be your raving fans as much as your customers and partners. What makes a workplace great? For my team at Amaxra, I follow si...

Rosalyn Amtzen
Get the Latest on Power Bi – Visulalizations and More

Many businesses find it daunting to figure out how to capture, visualize, interpret and drive decisions from a deluge of data and sources. Excel has been a mainstay with the use of pivot tables and charts to try to gain a better understanding of how a business function is doing. While Excel is powerful, it can also be complex and can require a spe...

Rosalyn Amtzen
SharePoint: What’s your plan for growth?

You have the best of intentions when building and launching a new Microsoft SharePoint Site. You envision how much easier everyone's life will be now that they can finally find what they need. You thoughtfully gather everyone's input and engage the right stakeholders. You build the necessary libraries, break these out into logical sub-folders and grant ...

Rosalyn Amtzen
How to keep contingent staff working without full access to your network

The modern workplace offers unprecedented flexibility. Where employees once had to be working on premise, many can now work remotely. With the rise in remote work has come a rise in contingent staff, usually contractors with a specialty they can often do from afar, without being in your offices or using your machines. The best part is, you as a business o...

Jacqueline Touma
4 Ways CRM Helps Grow Your Business

Many of the clients who come to us today are still managing their business relationships manually in notebooks, rolodexes or individual spreadsheets that they may occasionally share with their colleagues.  All of these are fine as long as you're the only person in your company who interacts with that customer. In today's business world, however, that's be...

Rosalyn Amtzen
Will Windows 10 help your business?

The much-publicized release of Windows 10 is a mere month away and at Amaxra, we've been taking a close look to see whether it's good news for business owners. After trying it out daily in our own offices, we're eager to answer the questions a lot of our customers are already asking us. Our initial impression, and probably the most exc...

Rosalyn Amtzen
How Visio could change the way you do business

We deal with a lot of information at Amaxra, whether it's for our own processes or helping our customers. It helps us figure out what needs to be done, when we should do it and who needs to be involved. We use it to create informed strategies for our clients and ourselves. Data is a big deal. Being able to understand that data is essential, but who wants ...

Rosalyn Amtzen
Can your business afford to not use a CRM?

Here at Amaxra we've always been good with data but, like any business, keeping it all organized took effort. Every time anybody on our team interacted with a Customer or potential Amaxra Consultant, they faithfully tried to remember to update a series of records. It was a cumbersome system spanning multiple programs, from Excel to Outlook and even good o...

Rosalyn Amtzen
Goodbye Windows Server 2003

As of July 14th, Microsoft will no longer support Server 2003, a critical date for many businesses. Instead of being a date to dread, this could be a golden opportunity to simplify business IT and cut costs for years to come. Back in 2003 there was no such thing as the cloud and on premise servers were necessary. Technology has vastly improved since then ...

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