How female CEOs succeed when they take a leap of faith

During the Microsoft Women in Partner Lunch at Microsoft's 2016 Industry Summit, Rosalyn Arntzen, President & CEO at Amaxra, spoke about trusting in your own success and taking leaps of faith. Prior to founding Amaxra, Rosalyn worked for Microsoft in 3 countries over the course of 15 years. At the Women in Partner lunch, Rosalyn passionately presented about just how integral to success taking these leaps of faith are.

At the start of the discussion, Rosalyn mapped out three core values to trust in when you’re taking a leap of faith. First, is the importance of having a personal barometer of what you believe is fair and sticking with it. Secondly, to succeed you must be persistent and fearless and, finally, if you can’t change the outcome don’t give up.

Successfully taking a leap of faith means being proactive. “Sometimes it’s more about what you are leaping from than where you are leaping to,” Rosalyn explains. Any achievement made is done by building off your previous successes. Regardless of the whimsical connotations surrounding the idea of “taking a leap of faith”, you can’t just wait for something to happen to you, you must go for it!

Confidence is key. It is essential to have faith in yourself, to trust that everything will be alright. You can’t be paralyzed by the “what ifs” because if you never take a chance and leap, you’ll never succeed. Knowing your bottom-line and working through problems is a part of taking a leap. Throughout Rosalyn’s career, she has made many leaps. Each time she did, she didn’t let herself think about what could go wrong. Instead, her focus was set on the goal, and each time there were set backs, she didn’t lose heart.

In closing, Rosalyn stated that “no matter what your ambition or goal is, role up your sleeves and definitely take that leap of faith”. These are words that resound with the heart of Amaxra, both in the way we operate our organization and support each other.

Amaxra is women owned business and was recently named in Fortune Magazine Best Place to Work for Women in 2015 and in 2016 on the Fortune Magazine Best Place to Work for Flexibility. To help small business get online and support Women in Technology, Rosalyn Sponsors and is a Leadership Member of Ignite

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