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How To Stop Dynamics 365 From Overwriting Your Account Activity History

Have you ever had a top-performing sales employee move out of your organization? Good account history data in your customer relationship management (CRM) solution is essential for the success of new person in that role. If you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, reassigning an account owner has a quirky default behavior that could rewrite key account acti...

Kelly Edinger
Amaxra & Powell Software Provide Intelligent Intranet Technology

  Amaxra & Powell Software Provide Intelligent Intranet Technology Amaxra and Powell Software announce an inaugural marketing and re-seller partnership Amaxra and Powell Software are excited to announce an inaugural marketing and re-seller partnership bringing Powell 365 intelligent intranet ...

Rosalyn Arntzen
How to keep contingent staff working without full access to your network

The modern workplace offers unprecedented flexibility. Where employees once had to be working on premise, many can now work remotely. With the rise in remote work has come a rise in contingent staff, usually contractors with a specialty they can often do from afar, without being in your offices or using your machines. The best part is, you as a business o...

Mike Arntzen
Goodbye Windows Server 2003

As of July 14th, Microsoft will no longer support Server 2003, a critical date for many businesses. Instead of being a date to dread, this could be a golden opportunity to simplify business IT and cut costs for years to come. Back in 2003 there was no such thing as the cloud and on premise servers were necessary. Technology has vastly improved since then ...

Cheryl Horvath
Moving your office is easier with the Cloud

Moving your office from one place to another comes with a lot of headaches. It's a complex process, whether your company is moving to another floor in the same building, going across town or even moving to another city. Amaxra just completed this often frustrating experience and we discovered firsthand how pivotal the Cloud can be in simplifying the proce...

Rosalyn Arntzen
How to Make Excel An Invaluable Business Intelligence Tool

Smart business owners want to make good, data-driven decisions but did you know there are powerful business intelligence tools available right in Microsoft Excel? The new Power BI add-in for Excelunlocks insights from deep in your company's spreadsheets or any other data sources you have around with: Power Query - Search internal corporate data and ext...

Three Reasons Your Business Should Upgrade To Office 365

You know your business will benefit from a cloud upgrade. But you just bought Microsoft Exchange email servers, SharePoint 2010, and Office 2010 a year or two ago and don't want to scrap your investments in on-premise technology. You've also heard that Google Apps does all of the same things Office 365 does and is $1 cheaper per month. So, is it really wo...

Adventures in Rebranding

Amaxra recently completed a rebrand of all of our digital assets—from our corporate website to our social media feeds to all of our employee email signatures and finally to documentation we use including our branding on our electronic signature portal on DocuSign. Is your company is considering a similar adventure? Here are three key l...

Walk off the Earth Video

Great example of true teamwork & creative collaboration. Enjoy! 4 mins. Walk off the Earth Video

The happy secret to better work

Treat yourself to 13 minutes Shawn Achor's TED Talk. "We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards? In this fast-moving and entertaining talk, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that actually happiness inspires productivity."

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