We used PowerBI at our company. Here are the insights we learned

Since 2014, I've been a fan of PowerBI, a suite of business analytics tools from Microsoft used to analyze data and share insights. As an early adopter—I was introduced to PowerBI while working with the Enterprise Commerce team at Microsoft so I've seen firsthand how the application evolved into an impressive business tool since its infa...

Defend Your M&Ms: How To Find Your Organization's Cybersecurity Sweet Spot

Today’s young professionals have a more mobile, just-in-time work style. However, many companies find their current security models slow to adapt to these modern scenarios. A great analogy I heard in a recent security conference compares life to the famous candy that melts in your mouth—not in your hand. Hard crunchy shell, chewy cente...

Combine these 2 common apps today for unmatched productivity

Are you using the right tools the wrong way? Many people use Microsoft SharePoint exclusively for storing documents. Even more people are using Microsoft Excel for data gathering. What a lot of people don't know is how easily SharePoint and Excel can combine to be the perfect tool for gathering data from everyone on the team simultaneously. Sha...

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