Why businesses are obsessed with ClickDimensions CRM tools

ClickDimensions’ marketing automation provides an intuitive experience that can power up your business while increasing your company’s productivity and revenue. By using the tools within ClickDimensions, a company can generate interest in a product, create interactive automations that are based on user history and track customer interests and interactions with your website.

ClickDimensions allows organizations to discover who is interested in their products, quantify their level of interest and take the appropriate actions. In the builder’s statistics view, the number of individuals participating in an automation can be tracked, as can their success rates. “ClickDimensions does all the heavy lifting for you, keeping track of bounce rates and delivered mail, as well as allowing you to create branded material easily by using the drag and drop feature in email builder,” Rosalyn Arntzen, Amaxra's President & CEO, says.

The solution offers opportunities by creating promotional campaigns that engage the customer as they are interacting with messages being sent. You can personalize your marketing automations by creating a series of actions that range from sending emails to triggering CRM workflows and creating task activities.

“At Amaxra, our clients are our top priority. With ClickDimensions I can stay connected with those clients,”Cassidy explains. “The amount of data that can be seen once communication has been sent out is game-changing. It displays details down to a granular level, providing all the insights you would ever need.”

The solution is both intuitive and accessible. ClickDimensions was built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and lives inside Dynamics. The tools are so similar they seem like one in the same. This aspect of ClickDimensions allows sales and marketing teams to be on the same page, increasing collaboration and communication.

ClickDimensions is Microsoft CRM certified and a Gold Microsoft Partner for CRM. Our team at Amaxra is a ClickDimensions Partner and has a track record of successfully deploying integrated CRM solutions for businesses large and small.

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