Amaxra’s Engagement Manager

During the holidays and throughout the year, our team treasures giving back and recognizing those that work with us, for us and partner with us in our success. Over the past few weeks, Amaxra’s Engagement Manager, Jennifer Blakeslee, will be trekking across the Microsoft campus to deliver holiday gifts! Jennifer is dedicated to staying connected with our customers—one of Amaxra's core values.

Not only is Jennifer our resident Santa, but the key to Amaxra's collaboration with our customers. Under her care, she ensures that our active consultants are prepared, supported and always have a positive experience working with us. Amaxra aims to nurture our ties with our clients, and there's no better time to do this than during the holiday season.

Over the past year, our business has seen tremendous internal and external growth. Jennifer has had the opportunity to walk several different paths with Amaxra and our clients who are the key to our growth through our valued relationships. Jennifer Blakeslee explains, “It’s been an amazing experience. Right now, the Amaxra culture and our business is at its best!” Jenn goes on to share, “I am looking forward to connecting with my clients at Microsoft in the new year and continuing to develop existing and new relationships while offering support solutions to improve our client’s productivity.” Weather you already have a relationship with Jennifer, or are interested in meeting Jennifer, you can contact to set a time in the new year to meet for coffee on us! Jennifer is always open to meeting new people and offer potential client provision resources to make your business run smoothly, and what better time than in a new year!?

Our holiday gifts are just one way we say thank you to clients, consultants, and all! Words can not explain how much we appreciate the people we have the privilege of working with! As we close out the year at Amaxra, we send our best wishes and happy holidays to our customers.


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