How to Stop Dynamics 365 From Overwriting Your Account Activity History

Have you ever had a top-performing sales employee move out of your organization? Good account history data in your customer relationship management (CRM) solution is essential for the success of new person in that role. If you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, reassigning an account owner has a quirky default behavior that could rewrite key account activity details. At Amaxra, we've seen this happen and know how you can avoid it.

Accounts And Contacts

At the core of Dynamics CRM (both the on-premise and cloud-based versions) are Accounts and Contacts. For example, if your sales professional sells widgets to Betty Slocombe, VP of Sales at Contoso, then Dynamics CRM organizes that information as:

  1. Account: Contoso
  2. Contact: Betty Slocombe

Any information about Betty (e.g. her job title, communications preferences, and notes about your interactions with her to sell widgets) is kept in fields under her Contact in Microsoft Dynamics. Each activity and note is automatically timestamped with a date and time. Timestamped activities provide accountability for the sales organization with instant access to historical interactions with the contact.

If your company uses Microsoft Office 365, all Dynamics CRM information and sales activity is automatically tracked and available directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Rewriting History By Default

When the Contoso account owner in your organization moves out of the sales team, you must reassign that account. This enables the new account owner to see not only all of Betty Slocombe's contact information but all of the previous account owner's notes and activities as well.

However, when an account owner is reassigned in Dynamics CRM, by default any reassignment of an account owner by your organization is considered an activity to be timestamped in the customer account. For example, Dynamics CRM shows calls were made to Betty at Contoso on the following dates/times:

  1. October 2 – 9:32 AM
  2. October 25 – 10:45 AM
  3. November 9 – 2:11 PM

A new account owner is assigned to take over the Contoso account on December 13 at 10:50 AM. By default, Dynamics CRM considers that account reassignment as an activity and resets all previous dates and times to the current date/time. The new account owner would see the previous call activity in Dynamics and Outlook to Betty at Contoso as:

  1. December 13 – 10:50 AM
  2. December 13 – 10:50 AM
  3. December 13 – 10:50 AM

In this example, only three call histories for one contact are lost. Imagine how much lost productivity your organization would experience if histories for dozens or hundreds of interactions were wiped across multiple contacts during an account reassignments.

How To Avoid Resetting Dynamics CRM Account Activities

By default, reassigning an account owner in Dynamics CRM will always reset contact activity timestamps. This behavior can be overwritten in the Dynamics CRM configuration which varies depending on your organization's setup. The Amaxra Solutions Team has experience in helping companies to seamlessly transition accounts, migrate on-premise Dynamics CRM deployments to cloud-based Dynamics 365 environment, and optimizing Dynamics CRM for organizations of any size.

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