These workshops will help your company work smarter, not harder

Our biggest success is giving our clients an optimization breakthrough in their business. Listening to our customers' pain points, our Solution Delivery team discovered most companies work harder than necessary due to broken business processes. To address this need, Amaxra is introducing process planning workshops for our customers.

During these workshops, Libby Mahnke, Amaxra's Business Analyst, helps identify an organization's pain points through guided group discussions. The result: Streamlined business process solutions that are repeatable throughout your company.

An Organic Process

Creating our process planning workshops grew from a real customer need. Many customers were seeking Amaxra for technology advice when they really needed help in solving organizational issues; a trend Libby couldn't ignore. "I started realizing if we discuss a customer's pain points around their business processes early on," says Libby. "Then develop a strategy to solve them will help to deliver the product that they needed at the end of the project." As more projects with similar needs came to Amaxra, our Solutions Delivery team knew business process workshops would benefit all Amaxra customers.

The Strategic Map

Prior to attending the process planning workshop, customers provide details about their processes via questionnaires. Libby uses this data along with discussions during the workshop to map out a strategic business process. As both facilitator and Business Analyst, Libby then plots a visual business process diagram for the customer. The resulting workflow can be analyzed for automation opportunities enabling the customer to send a holistic process to any development team they desire.

A Tangible Benefit

Customers benefit from attending a business process workshop because of increased organizational efficiencies. Bob Larrivee, Chief Analyst at AIIM explains his thoughts on uncovering the ROI and business value of process mapping. Per AIM research, “Organizations that have made the leap are already seeing a very real Return on Investment – 41% said they are seeing payback within one year, of which 17% cite ROI within just six months. Benefits beyond ROI include a decrease in review and approval cycles (33%), better routing to and between individuals (62%) and greater organizational agility and routing between processes (42%).”

Process Planning workshops help to define roles and responsibilities within a team or across an entire company. "Business processes for a leader are going to be different than what they are for their direct reports," Libby explains. "So when we get all those people in a room and have a conversation about what a streamlined solution can look like for them? That's when the light bulb goes on."


Amaxra's Solution Delivery team specializes in business intelligence and cloud solutions and Amaxra is a Microsoft Gold Partner.


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