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Defend Your M&Ms: How To Find Your Organization's Cybersecurity Sweet Spot

Today‚Äôs young professionals have a more mobile, just-in-time work style. However, many companies find their current security models slow to adapt to these modern scenarios. A great analogy I heard in a recent security conference compares life to the famous candy that melts in your mouth—not in your hand. Hard crunchy shell, chewy cente...

Power Up Your Business with Dynamics CRM

Today Amaxra wrapped up our webinar series, Power Up Your Business with Dynamics CRM. The series was led by Rosalyn Arntzen, President & CEO at Amaxra, and Jay Templeton, Amaxra CTO. Dynamics MVP, Rick McCutcheon, and Senior Account Manager from Click Dimensions, Leigh Ann Martin, joined us as guest speakers and demonstrated how we can better ...

Goodbye Windows Server 2003

As of July 14th, Microsoft will no longer support Server 2003, a critical date for many businesses. Instead of being a date to dread, this could be a golden opportunity to simplify business IT and cut costs for years to come. Back in 2003 there was no such thing as the cloud and on premise servers were necessary. Technology has vastly improved since then ...

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