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Cassidy Marchi
Get the Latest on Power Bi – Visulalizations and More

Many businesses find it daunting to figure out how to capture, visualize, interpret and drive decisions from a deluge of data and sources. Excel has been a mainstay with the use of pivot tables and charts to try to gain a better understanding of how a business function is doing. While Excel is powerful, it can also be complex and can require a spe...

Michael Sallander
Making Sense of OneDrive Cloud Storage Plans

Even though it has "one" in its name, Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage accounts are offered with multiple plans and features. For example, the free 15 GB OneDrive with an or legacy Hotmail email is geared for consumer cloud storage (i.e. photos for easy sharing). The OneDrive for Business an Office 365 customer receives features 1 TB of storag...

Michael Sallander
Increase Your Productivity With Excel and SharePoint

Are you using the right tools the wrong way? Many people use Microsoft SharePoint exclusively for storing documents. Even more people use Microsoft Excel for data gathering. What a lot of people don't know is how easily SharePoint and Excel can combine to be the perfect tool for gathering data from everyone on the team simultaneously. SharePoint's...

Michael Sallander
An Introduction to SharePoint

Amaxra is a company that embodies productivity, efficiency, and the ability to effectively communicate. In order to provide consistency in those key elements, they have implemented the use of important tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint is a tool for helping companies quickly respond to changing business needs. It is a centralized hub ...

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