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Which is worse: #ransomware or hard drive failure?

It’s a trick question. Both impact your business the same way – you lose access to your valuable business data when you are not expecting it. One of the most important things you can do about cybersecurity is to stop thinking about it like a mysterious disease whose only cure is to buy specialized protection software. To be sure, some business...

7 Common-Sense Cyber Protections That Really Work

We all use the Internet regularly to communicate with colleagues, share vital information, and carry out our business duties. Think of trying to get through your workday without access to your e-mail, your documents, or your spreadsheets. Nevertheless, that same Internet we depend upon is viewed by cyber criminals as a pathway into your company – one ...

The 2 Things That Best Protect You From

We are excited to announce a NEW guest blog series by Dr. Ken! In future blog posts, he will discuss ransomware, encryption, and other critical cyber-security issues all business people need to know. Stay tuned! UPDATE Friday May 12, 2017: Massive ransomware cyber-attack hits 74 countries around the world says a headline in today’s UK Guardian news...

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