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Do These 5 Things After Your Business Picks A CRM

  Many professional service companies face a paradox: Despite requiring high-touch customer relationships, they are often overextended with limited staff—making it easy for them to overlook the many other aspects involved with running a business. Add working with multiple clients and potential projects all on different schedules into th...

Evolving Business

Out with the old and in with the new. It is a common phrase and, when it comes to the workplace, it has never been more appropriate. In recent years, a change in workplace culture have occurred around the world. The reason? Millennials. Young workers entering the job market are shaking things up, calling for a reform of the old ways and a reevalua...

Relationships are at the core of CRM and your customer data that feeds them.

CRM (customer relationship management) lauded as the modern day hero of marketing and sales can provide your business with key strategic and competitive advantages. Adeptly used it helps your business attract, retain and grow your customer base. There is no shortage of choices for CRM systems, platforms and add-ons. From Microsoft Dyn...

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