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Listen To Rosalyn Arntzen, CEO Of Amaxra On The She Did It Her Way Podcast

Our founder and CEO, Rosalyn Arntzen, sat down for an interview on She Did It Her Way, a weekly podcast for and about female entrepreneurs. During the podcast, Rosalyn discussed: Where she developed her leadership style What life changes she made to maintain the high energy levels needed to run a business How she went from owning her own ...

3 Tips For Job-Hunting Consultants: How To Get Constructive Post-Interview Feedback

If you're a consultant, then it's a given that you're always on the lookout for your next gig. While there are plenty of online resources to help prepare you for the big interview, what often gets lost is what to do when you don't get hired. Obviously, nobody wants to be rejected, but there are often teachable moments that you can find and use dur...

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