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Great workplaces don’t just happen, they are made. Top Down and Bottom Up.

  For me, as a small business leader and entrepreneur, it is all about fostering an environment where people work better and thrive because they are passionate about what they do with a supporting culture. Employees need to be your raving fans as much as your customers and partners. What makes a workplace great? For my team at Amaxra, I follow si...

Get to Know the Amaxra Team – Founder and President, Rosalyn Arntzen

Every successful company requires strong leaders who are able to drive accomplishments. In Amaxra's case, founder and president, Rosalyn Arntzen, is one of those leaders. Prior to founding Amaxra in 2007, Rosalyn has had a successful professional career. She worked with Microsoft for 13 years (both nationally and internationally), spent three year...

Introducing Amaxra

During an introduction it is usual to give a name and a short descriptor of the individual involved. If really lucky, you might find out a little something interesting about the new person that makes you want to know more. So here goes, welcome to Amaxra's first official blog. Amaxra is a woman-owned small business based in Redmond, Washington. We wor...

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