We used PowerBI at our company. Here are the insights we learned

Since 2014, I've been a fan of PowerBI, a suite of business analytics tools from Microsoft used to analyze data and share insights. As an early adopter—I was introduced to PowerBI while working with the Enterprise Commerce team at Microsoft so I've seen firsthand how the application evolved into an impressive business tool since its infa...

Surprising ways PowerBI can enhance your reports

Many businesses find it daunting to figure out how to capture, visualize, interpret and drive decisions from a deluge of data and sources. Excel has been a mainstay with the use of pivot tables and charts to try to gain a better understanding of how a business function is doing. While Excel is powerful, it can also be complex and can require a spe...

How to Make Excel An Invaluable Business Intelligence Tool

Smart business owners want to make good, data-driven decisions but did you know there are powerful business intelligence tools available right in Microsoft Excel? The new Power BI add-in for Excel unlocks insights from deep in your company's spreadsheets or any other data sources you have around with: Power Query - Search internal...

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