That Doesn't Look Like SharePoint

As a consultant who has earned her bread and butter from SharePoint gigs, I am very familiar with many people's perception of the Microsoft SharePoint collaboration platform. For every deployment, there are the supporters and the reluctant – the ones that used an old, ungoverned, or otherwise clunky version of SharePoint or ones who want the new, shiny, free app that covers only a piece of SharePoint's functionality.

Since at least 2014, consultants like me started hearing that SharePoint was dead. We were told that Microsoft wasn't investing in the product, that companies would stop buying, that everyone was moving to free or low-cost apps. It's true there were some organizations that have moved to other apps. Many of them are now trying to figure out how to piece together 10-15 applications that all require separate credentials and can't be centrally managed.

Not Dead, But Sleeping

The good news is that SharePoint is alive and well. Like other Microsoft products, SharePoint has been adapted to users of mobile devices and the cloud. Many of the cool new features on Office 365 – Planner, Teams, Office 365 Groups – are all built on SharePoint.

For all those companies that are too entrenched in other apps to start over, no problem. Microsoft Teams connects with Trello, Asana, Smartsheet, Polly, Zendesk, and many more.



Microsoft’s Flow allows users to quickly and intuitively create workflows that connect to SharePoint Lists, Dynamics 365, SQL, Jira, Twitter and Facebook (and more) – without writing any code. Tons of prebuilt templates are available, but smarty pants are welcome to start from scratch.

PowerApps allows users to quickly and easily create business apps. The apps work across the web and mobile without the expense of custom development. PowerApps connect to popular cloud services such as Wunderlist, Box, Basecamp, Blogger, GitHub, and many more.

Delve makes it easy to search and find business-critical content shared by your co-workers. It's revolutionary and threatens to kill the once rigid and necessary Site > Library > Folder plus metadata structure that SharePoint consultants once sold as part of every deployment – after all, how was anyone going to find all the good files? With one click, users now can see every file they created or that has been shared with them – doesn't matter if it's on their (or someone else's) OneDrive cloud storage, scattered across twenty SharePoint Sites, or sitting on their laptop's hard drive. It's all in one view.

Rebuilt And Ready To Work

Microsoft has been hard at work rebuilding SharePoint Online and Office 365 into a very robust set of tools enabling organizations to work the way they need and want to work. SharePoint isn't dead but the way we once worked so hard to customize it, is.

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