Planning for CRM Success Workshops

Planning for CRM Success Workshops

Workshop to Ensure your CRM Implementation is Successful.

Customer Relationship Management is the business philosophy that lets you know your customers better, share information more thoroughly, and interact more completely. In business, this can only be achieved through the integration of people, business processes, and the use of CRM and related technologies.

If you are thinking of implementing a CRM in your business or have already implemented a CRM but it’s not achieving the results you expected, these non-technical sessions are designed for business professionals on how to think, plan and implement successful CRM strategies within their organizations.

Who Should Attend

  • Business Leaders responsible for implementing company-wide CRM solutions
  • Managers responsible for sales, marketing or customer service automation
  • IT/CRM Professionals and Project Managers

Workshop Outcomes

On completion of this half or full day workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Clearly understanding how the correct CRM strategy can help you to achieve your strategic business initiatives
  • More accurately estimate the budgets, timelines and tasks for a CRM Implementation or how to revisit a CRM implementation that is not achieving the desired results.
  • Define processes and strategies that will help better define and manage customer, prospect and partner touch-points
  • Define better measure customer interactions, sales productivity and opportunity management
  • Increase profitability by identifying and eliminating or reassigning non-productive tasks
  • Put into action proven techniques to plan, implement and support successful CRM initiatives

The end deliverable is a comprehensive CRM blueprint that will enable to you implement or revise your CRM system so as to best achieve your intended goals.

Customers who include a Planning for CRM Success workshop as part of their overall CRM investment have substantially reduced their overall CRM implementation investment as well as guaranteed they achieve their intended short-term and long-term results.

Next Steps

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