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Connect & Communicate on your Customers’ Terms

Marketing Automation

You can’t successfully automate your customer relationships—and you shouldn’t even try. Not when you can automate your marketing and sales operations to support a more authentic approach in communicating with your customers.

Amaxra provides the tools and expertise to streamline and automate marketing and communications that increase your efficiency and revenue. Reach and respond with insight, efficiency and tact.

Right Timing, Right Audience Communication

Create and schedule triggered messages tailored to each of your contacts and deliver subsequent communications based upon their interaction or response.

  • Increase your online discoverability
  • Attract and build target audience following
  • Refine your digital messaging and presence
  • Capture and qualify online leads
  • Get analytics regarding your traffic
  • Understand your customers online behavior

Customer Insights that Enable & Inspire Your Sales Teams

You don’t need to settle for simple connection: not when you can engage, excite and inspire to turn transactions into relationships. Customer relationship and analytics solutions help you better know and when and how to respond to customers on their terms—when they want, with what they want, and how they want.

  • Track and record the progress of your sales opportunities & deals
  • Strategically and tactically manage your sales lifecycle
  • Identify and prioritize prospects and opportunities
  • Know who you’re talking to—and talk their language
  • Align your sales process to the way your customer buys (using CRM)
  • Enable sales team collaboration – track communications to enable multiple sales resources to work the same sale from the same sheet
  • Build your base: capture contact information, to market/sell to them in the future

Amaxra specializes in support for CRM implementation, customization and support for leading CRM platforms.

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