Integrated Marketing, Digital & Social Media

Social Outreach & Presence That Feels Social

All Social Media is not created equal. Are you talking at your customers or with them ? Amaxra focuses on a number of capabilities to help your social media profiles “pop”, attracting new customers and deepen you relationship with your existing customers. We focus on

  • Increase your online discoverability
  • Manage and align social media channels
  • Reinforce and revitalize tactical posts
  • Listen to what your customers are saying
  • Make social presence a branding assets
  • Refine your digital messaging and presence
  • Capture and qualify online leads
  • Get analytics regarding your traffic
  • Understand your customers online behavior

Understand & Enhance Your Online Reputation

Who is your target audience and how should you be interacting with them? We have broad, proven experience in helping you to identify who is buying your products and what is the ideal method and media to connect and convey the true value of your solution.

We can also help you to protect, enhance or rehabilitate your brand and reputation. Negative comments and feedback can kill your chances of acquiring new customers and retaining loyal ones. Our digital and social media experts can help you to proactively inoculate yourselves against brand attacks and erosion as well as contain, counter, and reverse the course of social trends affecting your reputation.

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Have Questions or Concerns?

Should a problem arise (or even if you have a concern that might become a problem), we are here to help resolve. The sooner we can be proactive in these situations, the better the likely outcome. We have your back and our goal is to resolve any potential situations as early as possible.

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