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Productivity from anywhere

If you’re not mobile, you may not be getting there. Today employees can, and do, work from just about anywhere. To stay productive, this mobile workforce demands consistent access to corporate resources and data from any location on any device. Whether you’re on-premises, working from the cloud or a mobile device, Amaxra can provide you with the infrastructure to ensure employees are able to work and engage on projects no matter where they’re located. Learn more.

Protect & Leverage your Data 

Are your data and corporate assets strewn across email and unmanaged cloud services? Take control and manage your governance, compliance, and security.

Amaxra can help you gain control of your company’s data, by providing maturity-based models, paths and roadmaps to secure, compliant, and effective data governance. We can help you develop the accountability, stewardship classification, change management processes, and best practice frameworks you need to better leverage the cloud, develop a data culture and realize the full potential of your data dividend. Learn more.

Amaxra Managed services are easy to deploy and use solutions are key—on as Pay You Go, Grow as You Can basis. Want to learn more?

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Have Questions or Concerns?

Should a problem arise (or even if you have a concern that might become a problem), we are here to help resolve. The sooner we can be proactive in these situations, the better the likely outcome. We have your back and our goal is to resolve any potential situations as early as possible.

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