Document Management & Workflows (Portals)

Improve Collaboration, Learn to “Share”

Looking to make your workforce more productive? Amaxra specializes in helping equip organizations with the right tools to enable better collaboration. This allows users to work on documents and projects simultaneously.

  • SharePoint that drives info sharing
  • Office tools for the office and beyond
  • Power BI that doesn’t take power product knowledge to deliver value

The Powell 365 Solution makes SharePoint, well not look like SharePoint and helps your business unleash productivity not as a glorified shared drive.

Streamline for savings & synergies

Competitive businesses know that process is the key to increasing efficiency, cutting costs and reducing the amount of errors. And fixing broken processes can be even more challenging and requires a specialized skill. Regardless of whether you’re establishing new process or fixing new ones.

We can help you improve speed, efficiency and output through optimization and elimination of redundant tasks:

  • Use SharePoint/CRM workflows to automate redundant tasks
  • Direct human resources towards tasks that can’t be automated

Amaxra provides business consulting services that can help transform your business into an agile business that can respond quickly to industry trends and mandates.

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Should a problem arise (or even if you have a concern that might become a problem), we are here to help resolve. The sooner we can be proactive in these situations, the better the likely outcome. We have your back and our goal is to resolve any potential situations as early as possible.

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