Cloud-Based Email and Calendar

Give your employees the access they need

Do you or your employees need access to their email and calendar at home, on the road, or at customer sites? You can’t go wrong with cloud-based email. To stay productive your workforce needs consistent access to corporate resources and data from any location on any device. Microsoft Office 365 enables you and your staff to:

  • Have one destination for email, contacts and calendars
  • Login to your own private portal using any internet browser or device
  • Communicate from anywhere with internet access
  • Save emails locally for offline access when no internet available
  • Securely store files making it possible to work anywhere

Say goodbye to email server costs and hassles

Amaxra can set up your new cloud-based email system in no time. No need to maintain your own email server at the office. Amaxra also offers managed services. With this option we’ll maintain your email system while you focus on your business. Either way, with a cloud-based email solution you can:

  • Substantially reduce your maintenance costs
  • Greatly increase up-time and reliability
  • Only pay for the accounts you need
  • Stop buying new servers every 5-7 years

All the budgeting headaches and time-consuming IT hassles from server ownership go away when you move your email to the cloud. We can help deploy cloud-based email easily with no user interruptions.

Protect your company data with more secure email

Worried about security breaches when using cloud email? Keeping messages encrypted outside of the company was a tricky endeavor—until now. Users handling sensitive information such as HR records or legal documents have the option of encrypting emails they send out. If an email recipient responds to an encrypted email, or even if they forward the message to someone else, the encryption remains in place.

Anti-spam and anti-malware protection are also built into Office 365. It applies a layer of anti-spam and anti-malware protection via a global network of Microsoft datacenters to prevent infection via email. Microsoft is continuously updating their malware and spam databases so new threats are identified and mitigated quickly. Your employees can even have control over which message are spam-quarantined.With Office 365 you get:

  • Single-sign-on for multiple cloud applications.
  • Multiple-factor authentication methods such as tokens, security certificates and biometrics
  • Email encryption
  • Anti-spam and anti-malware via the cloud

For more affordable, more secure access to email, calendars and data when you’re on the go, give us a call. Your experts are here. It’s time for your life to get easier.

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