Marketing Automation

Think of all the marketing functions in your organization. In addition to sales activities you might have lead generation campaigns including email, web lead forms, online ads, social media or events. You’ve designed these processes to generate awareness and leads. But how well does your company track, score and follow-up on the leads generated? What can you do better? Successful lead nurturing is more that sales follow-up calls. Maximizing your marketing investment in lead generation is only possible if all leads are responded to quickly with the right messaging and delivery vehicle. Amaxra has the know-how and tools you need to level-up your lead generation, tracking and nurturing programs. It’s time to start turning all those leads into dollars.

Make lead-generation easier with ClickDimensions campaign automation

Amaxra specializes in integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with ClickDimensions, the leading software-as-a-service marketing automation solution. With ClickDimensions you can addemail marketing, web intelligence, nurtureprograms, lead scoring, social discovery,event management, campaign tracking, and form capture functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365.While using ClickDimensions, yourorganization will be able to:

  • Have one database for marketing campaigns, sales, transactions and more
  • Discover who is interested in yourproducts and services
  • Quantify your prospects’ level of interest
  • Save time by prioritize leads and opportunities
  • Take the right,targetedactions at the right time

ClickDimensionsis just one of the market automation tools that Amaxra leverages to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. We can make it possible for your marketing team to learn more about your prospects by seeing what interests them on your website, emails and social sites. We’ll help you get better at capturing information about your potential customers through web forms, surveys, social media posts and more – all while working in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Create Social Outreach That Pays

Having a company Facebook or Twitter page is one way to reach new customers outside of your website and databases. Beyond posting updates and placing ads, what are you doing to fully utilize this new awareness and lead-gen medium? Depending on whether you’re a business-to-business or business-to-consumer company your strategy might be totally different. It’s time to take a closer look at how you can customize your social media practices to your specific business model, industry, and go-to-market strategy. With Social Media tools from Amaxra you can:

  • Build a social media profile that “pops”
  • Attract new customers with improved discoverability
  • Deepen your relationship with existing customers
  • Drive awareness for new products and promotion
  • Generate hot leads and respond almost instantly
  • Leverage traffic analytics to improve your results

No matter who you’re targeting or what your business model is, we can help you develop a custom social media strategy to drives more leads and business than you ever thought possible. Our digital and social media experts can even help you to proactively inoculate yourselves against brand attacks and erosion as well as contain, counter, and reverse the course of social trends affecting your reputation. You’ll be surprised at what’s possible using today’s intelligent social media tools and practices. Let’s talk.

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