Microsoft Azure Backup & Recovery

Data is the life-blood of your organization. Without your data your company could come to a standstill. Worse yet, incorrect or corrupt data can cause severe impacts down-line, whether in manufacturing scenarios or financial reporting.With cybercrime on the rise backups are no longer only necessary to protect against accidental loss or natural disasters. You need your company data backed-up and encrypted in case of a ransomware or other malicious attack. Amaxra’s security and backup solution specialists can help you plan and deploy a secure, automated backup solution with Microsoft Azure Backup & Recovery. Even distributed data located in the cloud or on users’ devices can be included in your system-wide backup using cloud services. Make sure your critical data and applications are always backed-up and recoverable no matter where those assets are located. Microsoft Azure Backup & Recovery allows you to protect your business against:

  • User error
  • Hardware failure
  • File corruption
  • Natural disasters
  • Insider threats
  • Cybercrime

There’s no way to predict the future.But you can ensure your data and applications are recoverable in the event of a loss. Whether it’s one corrupted file or a total loss from a fire, there are best practices you can establish to minimize downtime and financial impact. With help from Amaxra and Microsoft Azure Backup & Recovery you can rely on awell-thought out recovery plan no matter what the cause of the loss.

Get centralized monitoring and reporting with Azure Backup & Recovery

With Microsoft Azure Backup & Recovery you can monitor your assets backed up in Azure Backup Server from a secure portal. The Recovery Services vault provides a centralized view of backup management servers, protected servers and all other backed-up items. This makes it easier to search for backed-up items by identifying the Azure Backup Server they’re associated with. You can also view disk utilization related to your backed-up assets.Need reports? The reporting infrastructure in Azure can be used to generate data-rich, custom reports and dashboards across DPM servers. Now you’ll always have comprehensive view of your data protection, health status, resource usage and performance trends thanks to Amaxra and Microsoft Azure Backup & Recovery.

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