Mike Arntzen

Mike Arntzen

Mike Arntzen

Sr. Director, Cloud Services & CIO

5 fun words to describe you: Pilot, Skier, Golfer, FixBot, Versatile.

Why I love technology: Because it makes the world a better place by overcoming distance between people and transforming ideas into reality.

Favorite technology solution in the office: Our Scanner/Printer, it knows when you’re in a hurry, and misbehaves until it makes you pay it attention

What I’m Proud of: Amaxra’s growth in providing real solutions for customers that makes getting things done easier.

What do I enjoy outside of work: Food sampling at Costco

Accomplishments: Shipping Windows 7, Commercial Seaplane Pilot.

Connect with me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikearntzen or 425 445 5405