Rosalyn Arntzen

Rosalyn Arntzen

Rosalyn Arntzen

President & CEO

5 fun words to describe you: Whirlwind, red-hair (the red comes out sometimes!), tenacious, Cherry Blossom enthusiast, empathetic

Why I love technology: The impact it can have on any business when correctly implemented. To see our customers get more from what they have often already invested in is why we do what we do.

Favorite technology solution in the office: Office Protect - it's a small add-on solution to Office 365 which lets any of us easily see when emails are NOT from who they say they are and also monitors the overall health of your Office 365 environment. I personally find it invaluable.  

What I’m Proud of: Awesome team at Amaxra.

What do I enjoy outside of work: My Peloton bike

Accomplishments: Amaxra turning 12 this year! (where has the time gone?)

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