3 lessons we learned after our corporate rebranding

Amaxra recently completed a rebrand of all of our digital assets—from our corporate website to our social media feeds to all of our employee email signatures and finally to documentation we use including our branding on our electronic signature portal on DocuSign. Is your company is considering a similar adventure? Here are three key lessons we learned from our experience:

  1. Have a rockstar team – Amaxra has always been a results-oriented business consulting company. We wanted to pivot the meditative messaging we’d used for the past couple of years to a bold and energetic new design. Leveraging cloud-based collaboration tools in Microsoft Office 365, especially the screen sharing features in Lync and the real-time co-authoring in documents, enabled us to complete our branding with a remote team that included – California, Dallas, Australia and the Ukraine. So don’t just find the best people in your town, work with the best in the world!
  2. Find the optimal specifications for social media logos – We have a presence on all major social media platforms:  LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook. When our rockstars delivered new logos and colors, we had to update those platforms and quickly found that required a minimum of nine different media assets of varying sizes and shapes. Even within the same platform, the assets sizes can be wildly different, e.g. the dimensions for your LinkedIn page’s logo can’t be re-used as the logo on your LinkedIn Group page, etc. so do your homework and have your designer create multiple assets specific to each social media platform BEFORE the big re-branding push that has to happen simultaneously with a new website going live.
  3. Centralize and secure all of your online logins – If you have a summer intern manage your social media login info, then it pays to have an online password manager (we use Passpack). You don’t want to ever ask “hey, is that automated security verifier sending a text to the intern we had back in 2011?

One surefire way any company can minimize their rebranding headaches is to use Office 365. What makes Office 365 so useful during any large project is the integration of OneDrive cloud storage and collaboration tools like Lync, Yammer, and SharePoint to keep everyone in sync at all times. For anyone who used earlier versions of Microsoft Office, you will be amazed at not only how easy it is to be more productive with the work-from-anywhere versions of Excel, Word, and Outlook but also how good of a content management system the new version of SharePoint is compared to the previous version. It’s so good that during our rebranding, we converted our corporate website and this blog from WordPress to SharePoint Online.
Want to find out how Office 365 can help make your company’s next big project nearly effortless?

Contact me at rosalyn.arntzen@amaxra.com or call 425 749 7471 if you have any questions or comments on this blog.

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Rosalyn Arntzen

Rosalyn Arntzen, President & CEO of Amaxra, founded Amaxra in 2007 after a successful career working for several multi-national companies around the world. Under her leadership, Amaxra is proud to have been on the Inc 500/5000 fastest growing companies in 2013 and 2016. You can contact Rosalyn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosalynarntzen.

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