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Amaxra is committed to giving back to our local community. Every year we at Amaxra, participate in Food Lifeline’s “Food Frenzy”. What this is, is a creative competition between local businesses to raise funds, food and volunteer with Food Lifeline. It is a two-week campaign between July 8 and July 22, 2016 where companies create their own fundraising and team building activities. This year Amaxra spent the day together repacking corn. We closed down our office for the entire day, and the Amaxra team banded together to repack as much frozen corn as we could.

Food Lifeline is an organization that works with the food industry and its surpluses to come up with creative solutions to stop hunger, including redirecting food from manufacturers, farmers, grocery stores and restaurants that might otherwise go to waste. Food Lifeline strives to create a sustainable approach to fight and help end hunger in Western Washington.

Last year Amaxra was recognized by Food Frenzy as the Rookie of the Year and we were awarded a trophy for our accomplishment. We have a dedicated team at Amaxra that puts the event together each year. We also work to get our consultants, friends and family involved as much as we can.

Our task was to take the corn shipments and repack them, four cobs per plastic bag, tie the bags, put tags on them, and fill boxes accordingly. Together, we repacked 6,976 pounds of corn, providing 13,952 meals for the community. And collectively Amaxra scored a total of 7,996.25 Food Frenzy points, and we are looking to beat that next year. Check out our video of us hard at work on our YouTube channel: Amaxra’s Annual 2016 Food Frenzy supporting Food Lifeline.
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Patrick Viernes is Amaxra’s Resourcing Director. He has responsibilities for revenue growth and delivering the highest level of value to clients and consultants. Patrick worked in Microsoft for 12 years, leading Field Engagement for Worldwide Public Sector. He developed a community of leaders serving Government, Health, Education customers from over 70 countries.

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