Business Continuity

Modern businesses enable people, data, and applications to work from anywhere. But the new normal of cloud-native distributed workforces means the old days of backing up centralized servers in a private data center are long gone. Amaxra Business Continuity solutions provide you with the ultimate peace of mind: A way to quickly reestablish productivity after any disruption to your business processes. Get proactive cybersecurity protection for employee devices along with everywhere, anytime backups that can restore everything from an accidentally-deleted single document to an employee’s operating system and settings on a replacement device after a theft or natural disaster.

Fast, secure, and complete
Amaxra experts have successfully deployed business continuity solutions for the better part of a decade. Leverage our real-world experience in deploying Microsoft 365 Business Premium solutions that enable quick and seamless work from home capabilities with end-to-end security for all your employee’s devices in a single, unified subscription service. You get the gold standard in Microsoft Office productivity apps, artificial intelligence-enhanced Advanced Threat Protection to protect against cyber-security attacks, and the ability to manage all employee devices from a centralized interface to give you complete control over your company’s cyber-security profile.

Backup and recovery from the cloud
Amaxra Business Continuity solutions use the global Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to provide a comprehensive backup solution that scales with your business. Whether you want to backup devices at your startup or your sprawling global enterprise network, Amaxra can help minimize your operational expenses. We back up your valuable data using military-grade AES-265 encryption for only pennies per gigabyte. Rather than a monthly per license or per device fee, you pay only for the data you back up to the cloud. Never pay any upfront costs for your cloud backups with no commitments. Best of all, you are not limited to one type of operating system or application. Our cloud-based solution can backup and restore data from a Windows PC as easily as it can from a Mac or Linux machine.