Software Licensing Optimization

Businesses were sold on the cloud for all their IT needs because everything is "as a service". We've been told cloud software has no upfront costs, nothing to own, and available at the swipe of a credit card. But in the reality is , the cloud has not simplified software licensing for companies. In fact, it's raised more questions, complexity and confusion. Soon you find that you've spent money on a cloud-based software as a service to solve your problems without knowing someone else in your company has already been paying for that same solution for months.

At Amaxra, we understand Microsoft software licensing inside out. Our team can identify and sort out the subscriptions and licenses you own to identify if you are spending too much money. We help simplify the way you procure, provision, and manage your company's Microsoft, Google, and other cloud-based modern workforce solutions.

Do your best work in the cloud

Whether you choose a Google software license or one of the many Microsoft software license types, a cloud productivity solution from Amaxra will increase your employees' collaboration, security, mobility. Achieve more with unified control of all your company's various cloud solutions. When you choose to license your cloud solutions from Amaxra, you'll always stay up and running with no-hassle management using a single console for all your various products.

Organizations currently using on-premise licenses for Microsoft Office, Dynamics CRM, and Exchange email servers never have to fear a migration to the cloud with Amaxra. As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, our expert consultants are with you at every stage of the cloud migration process. Our team provides friction-free migration of existing mailboxes to Exchange Online, setting up cloud-based backup and recovery, and getting your employees acclimated to the modern workplace with Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.

If you've already taken some steps to get your employees into the cloud, then partner with Amaxra to make full strides towards maximizing your plan. Our experts can help supercharge your productivity with collaboration using Microsoft Teams, integrated CRM tools, and secure mobile device management—all managed and secured from a single unified administration panel.

Never pay for more cloud than you need

Most organizations only use a fraction of the functionality that Microsoft security, business management, and productivity software offer. At Amaxra, we help you unlock the full potential of your Microsoft software by:

  • Helping you understand the productivity-enhancing functions and features of Microsoft 365, Office 365, Teams, PowerBI, SharePoint and more
  • Educating you and your team on the powerful security protection provided by solutions such as Microsoft 365
  • Identifying redundant security and other third-party applications that needlessly increase your costs and risk

Mid sized companies often have multiple business groups working independently. The rise of the cloud means those independent groups can swipe a credit card and license specific online software tools without going to their IT department first. That results in a lot of confusion—and increased costs if multiple business groups are independently paying for the same tools.

Amaxra will evaluate your current software license inventory. Let our experts help with your software license management. We cut through any confusion and help you to understand exactly what you have and who in your company is using it. Amaxra licensing experts can then provide you with digital software license asset management, an essential service for organizations to gain insight into the total number of devices and apps deployed across the business, along with their location and warranty status. And we always maximize your existing software license subscriptions to get the most out of what you paid for.

Benefits of cloud licensing through Amaxra

Time is money for your organization. Why spend it dealing with supporting and managing you cloud solutions' licenses? Partner with Amaxra and let us take that off your plate. We have multiple ways to convert your legacy Microsoft software license types such as Office 2013, Dynamics CRM, and Exchange Server to the new and improved cloud versions.

With Amaxra you can turn upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX) for cloud-based software licenses into a monthly operational expenditure (OPEX) which will save you money in the long run. Let us manage your cloud licenses to make your IT operations more agile and efficient. We also provide affordable Quickhelp training and 24 x 7 support plans that enable you to reallocate your limited IT resources to work on those strategic revenue-generating plans you've been putting off because your IT team is so busy with day-to-day operations.

No Upfront Costs
Agile & Efficient
Reduce Operating Friction

Reduce your cybersecurity risk with Amaxra licensing help

Cloud licenses decentralize your IT, providing your organization the flexibility to work from anywhere and on any device. The convenience of self-provisioning software and services from the cloud with a credit card swipe can create backdoors to a company's network for cyber criminals. Unmanaged cloud software is an invitation for hackers to compromise your cybersecurity by exploiting unsupported or unapproved software, abandoned user IDs, and cloud accounts created using weak passwords.

Read our CIO's blog on how to enhance your company's cybersecurity today with the Essential Eight protection strategies.

Amaxra Software License Optimization helps to identify and counter potential threats. We can perform an organization-wide license assessment to give you a comprehensive view of your software inventory, usage, and risks. Our assessment identifies potential threats such as end-of-life (EOL) products and "shadow IT" on your network. Beyond cloud software, a software license assessment from Amaxra can also surface where you need to install product updates and security patches to your operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and mobile devices running Google Android and Apple iOS.

Licensing your cloud software through Amaxra helps your organization stay in compliance with international, regional, and industry-specific standards and regulations. We provide you with peace of mind about what your users have installed on their devices from a single admin panel with more than 1,000 security and privacy controls. Amaxra delivers concise, easy-to-read assessment reports to your organization and works as an extension of your IT team, so they can focus on strategic business initiatives.

Fast, efficient support for your employees

As an award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner, Amaxra offers flexible, affordable help desk support for your Microsoft 365, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 solutions. From global enterprises to innovative startups, our clients trust Amaxra's experts to keep their employees productive with:

  • Fast, accurate answers, delivered 24/7, with an average response time of 2 minutes
  • Support for Microsoft 365, Office 365, Power BI, SharePoint, Teams, and more
  • Communication choices for your convenience, including phone, email and chat

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