Collaborative and Productive Remote Working

Work from anywhere using any device. Amaxra collaboration solutions enable your employees to collaborate no matter where they are—at the office, on the road, or even at the beach. As early adopters of Microsoft cloud and secure remote working technology, Amaxra has years of experience deploying the cloud-native remote collaboration solutions you need to enhance your business productivity.

Simple and secure collaboration with Microsoft Teams – Break down any barriers and coordinate to-dos across diverse workstyles. Amaxra remote working solutions are built on Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Teams collaboration hub. Teams enforces single sign-on and two-factor authentication security with all data and communications encrypted at rest and in transit. Whether you want to send email, text chat, or video conference with your team, an Amaxra remote working solution enables you to work your way.

Cloud-powered productivity from anywhere – Empower your entire organization to seamlessly create, communicate, and collaborate with everyone on the team using whatever device they prefer: Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone. If you have internet access, then you are connected to your team. And while your data and files are stored in a secure, globally available cloud doesn’t mean internet connectivity is required. Our intelligent solutions allow you to work on your files offline then automatically synchronize your updates with the rest of the team the next time you’re online.