What to expect when you’re hired as a consultant

The consulting world can be confusing to novices. It is easy to get lost in the initial chaos and constant change when you take on a new job at a consulting firm. Amaxra offers these proven tips for new consultants to put you down the path of success:

Provide Visibility During Your Onboarding Process

As a consultant, there is a responsibility to be available and responsive. At the start of your gig (especially at a large tech company such as Microsoft), there is an “onboarding” process where your credentials will be verified to access IT resources at the company.Consultants who quickly respond to information requests at this stage always make a great impression. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are in the initial stages of the onboarding process:

  • It’s common to communicate with multiple team members while the standard HR paperwork and background checks are being perform, and it’s important for everyone to be on the same page.
  • Agreement to take on the role is normally done before formal documentation is sent out due to the purchase order process our clients follow.
  • Typically work will begin two weeks from when the purchase order (PO) is received, meaning the money for your contract work has been approved.

A key contact to keep in mind is the Engagement Manager. Maintaining an open dialogue with your Engagement Manager helps the onboarding process to be executed smoothly. It is the Engagement Manager that will send you an informational welcome letter, which will provide details of what to expect in your new role, and it is the Engagement Manager that will frequently check in with you to provide additional support.

Create Connections, Maintain Partnerships

Most successful consultants partner with a good vendor company. Vendor companies, like Amaxra, hire the consultants and in turn the consultants represent Amaxra to the companies in their respective roles. “The vendor agency is there to create the relationship with the client, and the consultant is expected to maintain the relationship by performing well in their role,” Jennifer Blakeslee, Amaxra Engagement Manager, explains. “Relationships are the key to this business. It’s all about connections and working as a vendor opens the door to a world full of new relationships and opportunities.”

Recognize Your Freedom & Flexibility

Unlike the traditional nine-to-five job, consulting gigs allow you to learn, grow, and try new things. Consultants should be prepared to be flexible and comfortable with taking on change during the onboarding process, and it is that same adaptivity that makes working for a consulting company so great. As a consultant, you have the freedom to set pay standards, decide what kind of role you would like, and work remotely. Whether you’re fresh out of university or have twenty years’ experience under your belt, the benefit of that freedom cannot be taken for granted. Are you interested in exploring opportunities in the consulting world? Amaxra is interested in talking to you!

Feedback and comments are always welcome. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me at patrick.viernes@amaxra.com You can also connect with me via LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/patrick-viernes.

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Patrick Viernes

Patrick Viernes is Amaxra’s Resourcing Director. He has responsibilities for revenue growth and delivering the highest level of value to clients and consultants. Patrick worked in Microsoft for 12 years, leading Field Engagement for Worldwide Public Sector. He developed a community of leaders serving Government, Health, Education customers from over 70 countries.

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