Customer Relationship Management

Adopting a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution can transform your business operations. By centralizing all customer information within a cloud-based CRM, you can significantly increase your employee revenue while gaining the comprehensive insights needed to maintain growth. An integrated CRM solution can skyrocket your sales and marketing to new heights by automating and tracking the engagement, follow-up, and management of nurturing new prospects—all while keeping your existing customers delighted.

Amaxra has the CRM expertise you need
Deploying an out-of-the-box CRM by itself doesn’t make your business successful. It’s the planning, configuration, and process modeling that makes the difference between a CRM system that has little impact and one that delivers a significant return on investment. Amaxra offers multiple CRM solutions tailored for your specific business needs. Our consultants integrate and simplify your sales and marketing operations with the Microsoft 365 apps your employees already use so they spend more time building relationships and less time logging CRM data. And we make it easy for you to leverage the power of the cloud to empower your employees to work from anywhere and glean actionable insights into your CRM data.

Nimble CRM for SMBs with 50 employees or less
Amaxra can transform your Microsoft Outlook email into a powerful CRM with Nimble. Integrated seamlessly with Microsoft 365, the Nimble CRM combines all your contacts, social media connections, communications, inboxes, and calendar appointments into one unified relationship manager managed from the Outlook app you use every day.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for mid-to-large organizations
When businesses want to bring data, people, operations, and customers together, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is the number one choice. Secure and scalable thanks to the power of the trusted Microsoft Cloud infrastructure, Dynamics 365 CRM empowers you with a holistic view of your prospects, customers, and partners on any device you use (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) to build and maintain business relationships with ease. Choose a Dynamics 365 CRM solution from Amaxra to streamline your business processes with AI-powered workflows and analytics to help you make fast, data-driven decisions that maximize your ROI. We seamlessly integrate Dynamics CRM with your Microsoft 365 apps to unify your sales, marketing, and accounting by connecting people, processes, and data.

Add ClickDimensions marketing automation to Dynamics 365
For companies that need a simple but scalable solution for marketing automation, Amaxra deploys ClickDimensions. This powerful marketing automation solution brings together your email marketing, campaign automation, online surveys, landing pages with built-in web forms, and social media with detailed analytics to track their effectiveness. Let Amaxra integrate ClickDimensions into your Dynamics 365 CRM for the essential marketing tools needed to find and keep satisfied customers for life.