Coffee with an Expert

Join us for our newly launched series, Coffee with an Expert, the third Friday of every month from 8am – 10am.

Our 2019 series continues on February 15th featuring a great topic:
Having Difficult Conversations 
Do you ever anxiously anticipate a conversation wondering how you are going to navigate a challenging topic? Or have you ever walked away from a discussion wishing you had said or done things very differently? Come learn how to plan for crucial conversations in a way that’s collaborative instead of confrontational. Our February expert, Karen Desko, an executive coach and expert in communication, will show you how to be an accomplice instead of an adversary.

Karen is a master-level executive coach, an experienced leadership and communication consultant, and a seasoned facilitator who knows that ‘words create worlds’. She takes a direct and interactive approach to help her clients shift their perspectives to achieve advancements in their work and lives. Karen believes her clients are inherently resourceful and capable of making bold breakthroughs in performance and fulfillment. She has consulted on six continents and uses an engaging and humorous style to help clients increase their self-awareness which leads to better methods of self-management and amplified results. Karen firmly believes when you know better; you do better; and if you want different; you must be different and do different. Karen is passionate about accompanying her clients on a challenging and enriching journey full of ‘Ah-Ha’ moments that lead to self-discovery, personal fulfillment, and professional achievement.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, February 15th!
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Coffee with an Expert (February 2019)

02/15/2019 8am

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