FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 6, 2016

Amaxra Expands Leadership Team, delivering continuing growth in Cloud Solutions.

Amaxra is pleased to announce and welcome Patrick Viernes, a passionate technology entrepreneur and investor with an emphasis on innovative services for Information Security. Prior to joining Amaxra, Patrick lead operations setting up the Pacific Northwest Cybersecurity Leaders’ council. Founding members include CIOs, CISOs and other top executives of DocuSign, Group Health, Premera, US State Department, Department of Energy, IBM, Starbucks, State of Oregon, State of Washington and the Gates Foundation. A Microsoft Corporation alumni, Patrick spent 12 years leading Field Engagement and Enablement for Worldwide Public Sector, an organization serving Government, Health and Education customers. In this capacity, Patrick was a track owner for Microsoft Global Exchange. He became a representative to the company’s Role Owner Council, and organized Industry Solution Universities around the globe. He also developed a community of Public Sector Directors and field leaders from over 70 countries where Microsoft operated.

Patrick explains that he is excited to be part of Amaxra, “we are building a culture that emphasizes results driven by high quality work. Our external clients, our current consultants, and candidates who are interested in working on our projects are all customers in our view”. As Amaxra offers increased customer proficiencies with Patrick leading our Resourcing team we also continue to grow our Technology team. JP O'Donnell, Director explains, “Our expanded focus on security will help us provide additional value to existing and new customers.” As Amaxra’s internal Business Team continues to develop relationships with our existing customers and create new partnerships, we are confident that with our new strategic leadership team in place we can further reinforce that each of our customers are receiving an exceptional end-to-end customer experience while working with us.

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Located in Redmond Washington USA, is a premier business and technology consulting firm. Amaxra specializes in offering Intelligent Business Solutions, Dynamic Workforce Service and Connected Customer cloud based enabling solutions and services. Follow Amaxra on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Amaxra, Inc. located in Redmond WA, is an award-winning consulting and technology solution company that helps companies that range in employee-size from less than 30 to large multi-national corporations. Amaxra helps it's clients to improve their operations, secure their data, and grow their business while ensuring maximum value from their software investment through accurate licensing. The consultants on staff at Amaxra are highly-skilled, energetic and creative specialists in the areas of process improvement, sales and marketing automation, cloud solutions, data security, business intelligence, and more. Amaxra is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner as well as 2019 Supplier Diversity Award winner from Microsoft.