Remote Management: Helpful Online Tools for Project Managers

Project management is always tough. And if you’re a project manager who is adapting to working with remote employees, you’re dealing with a whole new set of challenges you might not have expected. But it doesn’t have to be so challenging! There are many helpful online tools to help project managers with remote management you won’t want to miss. 

Challenges with Remote Management

Before we discuss those online tools, let’s first go over some of the common challenges with remote management.  

These challenges can vary depending on the industry you work in and the type of team you manage. That being said, these are some of the more common challenges that are seen across several industries: 

  • Communication 
  • Establishing and maintaining company culture 
  • Time zone differences 
  • Tracking time and productivity 
  • Scheduling difficulties 
  • Building trust and relationships 

Some of these things, including time zone differences, are inevitable. But what doesn’t have to be inevitable is going it alone! There are all kinds of online tools that can make remote management more streamlined and effective.  

Let’s talk about those now.  

Online Tools for Remote Management 

Here are some of the tools worth exploring if you’re looking for better ways to manage remote teams. 

Microsoft Teams 

We’re big fans of Microsoft Teams at Amaxra. Time and time again, we see how it helps bring hybrid, in-person, or remote teams together in a whole new way. 

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It makes collaboration and communication a breeze. Our remote working solutions are built on Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Teams collaboration hub. Teams enforce single sign-on and two-factor authentication security with all data and communications encrypted at rest and in transit.  

Windows 365 

Of course, you can’t talk about online tools for remote management without including Windows 365 in the conversation.  

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When it comes to project management specifically, this tool boasts several benefits: 

  • It allows you to make a centralized view of all programs and projects across your organization 
  • It includes features meant specifically for project managers to keep training time down and boost project efficiency 
  • Users can choose from many pre-made templates designed with industry best practices in mind 
  • Extensive customization options that cater to unique needs and industries  

Learn more about using Windows 365 for project management here 

Azure Virtual Desktop 

Azure Virtual Desktop or AVD is another powerful tool remote managers have at their disposal.  

This desktop and app virtualization service “resides in the cloud and is then accessed by users using a device of their choice. Think of it as Desktop-as-a-Service powered by Azure. WVD delivers a Windows experience that is multi-session yet personable and persistent. While it delivers a Windows 7 experience, most organizations want Windows 10 since support. And of course, it delivers your essential O365 apps to your users.” 

This virtual desktop tool comes with several advantages, including: 

  • Creating secure remote environments on any device your team uses 
  • Simplifies IT management 
  • Keeps licensing and infrastructure costs down 
  • With built-in Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup technologies, your team can keep working even during outages 


Password managers, including 1Password, are undoubtedly a valuable resource for remote team managers. But as it turns out, they’re useful for virtually anyone for any purpose—they don’t need only to be used in the workplace! These tools help you store all of your passwords securely in one place. At the same time, you can also decide which team members have access to what.  

One of the more recent features of this tool is creating an audit trail with custom analytics. This way, you can keep a close eye on potential issues (including security-related ones) and much more.  

Microsoft OneNote is another powerful tool that can help with remote management. Take a look at this post next to learn more.  

Learn How Amaxra Can Help with Remote Management 

In addition to these online tools, there are many other ways to help make remote management easier. And we’re here to help you find them! 

Amaxra does not just deploy software. We solve business problems—including remote management challenges you might be facing. Our expert consultants use their diverse skills, experiences, and education to understand your unique goals. Choose Amaxra to develop a holistic solution designed for your desired business outcome. 

Contact us today to get started. 

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