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Empower your business to work smarter with Office 365

Your employees use Microsoft Office 365 to be more productive. But how effectively are your employees really using the dozens of productivity-enhancing features in Office apps such as Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word let alone PowerBI? And what's the plan for your employees to take advantage of the new features slated for the regular semi-annual update to Office 365?

On average, adding one new skill in Office 365 via training help employees get their work done about 20 minutes faster every week and cut down one IT support call. But traditional corporate training is a relic that is time-consuming, irrelevant, and ineffective for the modern workforce. That's why skills training with Amaxra Office 365 QuickHelp is a game-changer for your company.

Uniquely Personalized

Amaxra Office 365 QuickHelp training is personalized to fit the specific Office 365-related skills each employee needs. Your employees' learning paths are curated based on an online survey that they fill out once to automatically assess their Office 365 training needs. Our customized eLearning platform is designed to give your employees the skills they need to maximize your ROI on Office 365. Best of all, Amaxra can deliver QuickHelp to any organization with Office 365—even if you don't purchase your licenses through Amaxra.

Always Relevant

When your company chooses our QuickHelp, your Office 365 users get access to a vast on-demand library of training materials. From professionally-produced instructional videos from certified Microsoft experts, simple PDF guides and over 45 live training classes offered each month, Amaxra Office 365 QuickHelp accommodates a variety of learning styles for your individual employees. As new features are added by Microsoft to Office 365, your employees will get alerts that new QuickHelp training is available for those features.

Exceptionally Accountable

Amaxra Office 365 QuickHelp training keeps users engaged with their learning path. Skills assessments via online quizzes are tracked in a dashboard available for both the employee and management. Unobtrusive reminders about learning progress are available from within the QuickHelp dashboard and can be sent privately via email. You can ignite the competitive spirit of your employees with built-in gamification that rewards them for sticking with their training.

Save thousands of hours and dollars every year with Amaxra Office 365 QuickHelp

You can add QuickHelp to your existing Office 365 environment—even if you do not purchase your cloud licenses from Amaxra. Depending on your company's total number of Office 365 licenses (Business Premium and above), Amaxra may provide your employees with QuickHelp online training for little or no cost to your organization.

Key Features

  • Personalized training to give your employees crucial Office 365 skills
  • On-demand library of learning content that is constantly updated
  • Gamification features to keep users engaged
  • Assessments to reinforce and test learning
  • Available to non-Amaxra customers with Office 365

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