Software Licensing Optimization

Businesses were sold on the cloud for all their IT needs because everything is “as a service.” We’ve been told cloud software has no upfront costs, nothing to own, and available at the swipe of a credit card. But the cloud has not simplified software licensing for companies. In fact, it’s raised more questions and complexity. Soon you find that you’ve spent money on a cloud-based software as a service to solve your problems without knowing someone else in your company has already been paying for that same software for months.

At Amaxra, we understand Microsoft software licensing inside out. Our team can identify and sort out the subscriptions and licenses you own to identify where you are spending too much money. We help simplify the way you procure, provision, and manage your company’s Microsoft cloud-based modern workforce solutions.

Do your best work in the cloud
Organizations with on-prem licenses for Microsoft Office and Exchange email servers struggled when a global pandemic forced everyone to work from home. Amaxra customers were prepared to work from anywhere with secure cloud-based collaboration in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. A move to the cloud is a must for every business, and as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, our expert consultants are with you at every stage of the cloud migration process. Our team has a combined 25 years of experience in friction-free migration to the cloud and the training needed to get your employees acclimated to the modern cloud-native workplace.

Never pay for more cloud than you need
Most organizations only use a fraction of the functionality that Microsoft’s cloud-based software offers. At Amaxra, we help you unlock the full potential of your Microsoft productivity solutions.

Midsized companies often have multiple business groups working independently. The rise of the cloud means those independent groups can swipe a credit card and license specific online software tools without asking their IT department first. That results in a lot of confusion—and increased costs if multiple business groups are independently paying for the same tools.

Amaxra will evaluate your current software license inventory. Let our experts help with your software license management. We cut through any confusion and help you to understand exactly what you have and who in your company is using it. Amaxra licensing experts can then provide you with digital software asset management, an essential service for organizations to gain insight into the total number of devices and apps deployed across the business, along with their location and warranty status. And we always maximize your existing software license subscriptions to get the most out of what you paid for; re-deploying licenses to users in your organization using solutions you already own but didn’t even know you had.