3 Reasons Your Business Needs DocuSign for Dynamics 365

Signed documents are a must-have for any business transaction. But the actual ink-on-paper signature for contracts and vendor documents has long been a burden. When Amaxra started 10 years ago we used to send our consultants a physical document to sign which rarely came back, we even tried sending them a pre-stamped envelope but still we didn’t receive many. Thankfully, this burdensome task is now being updated for a cloud first/mobile first world. The company most responsible for bringing digital signatures for business documents to the mainstream is Seattle-based DocuSign.

In just the past few years, DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform enabled businesses of every size to get legally-binding signatures to any kind of online document. The benefit to DocuSign users is obvious: every aspect of every transaction—from preparing and sending documents to signing and managing them—takes less time and can be done from any Internet-connected device plus you then have the signed document readily available any time you need just by accessing a browser.

DocuSign comes to Dynamics 365

Tens of millions of users rely on DocuSign to make their transactions easier. At Amaxra, we use DocuSign to capture signatures on vendor agreements, employee contracts, customer quotes and other high-value documents. When we made the strategic decision to migrate our key business processes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, the native integration of DocuSign with Microsoft Dynamics 365 was a game changer.

To help other businesses, we are sharing our top three reasons why we feel DocuSign for Dynamics 365 is crucial to business success:

  1. It’s a one-stop-shop – One of the reasons why companies like using Dynamics 365 is its integration with Microsoft Office 365. For example, when you’re in Microsoft Outlook, you can initiate many Dynamics 365 functions from inside your Outlook Calendar. But the Office 365 integration designed to gently push users towards the real goal of having sales, marketing, and other teams at a company do everything inside Dynamics. By integrating DocuSign into Dynamics 365, most users no longer have to open any new systems to get signatures. At Amaxra, this integration means none of us use paper to sign, scan, or fax—everything we need is available in just a couple of clicks/taps directly from Dynamics 365.

  1. It speeds up your processes – According to DocuSign, their customers see 84% of documents signed and returned within one day of sending (and note our experience above before DocuSign). This is a statistic that definitely tracks with our usage at Amaxra. For companies who require vendor, partner, and customer contracts, DocuSign for Dynamics 365 reduces the overall time getting deals to close after sending out any agreement or customer quote.
  2. It just works – Although every company’s setup of Dynamics 365 CRM is unique, DocuSign and Microsoft have made the process of integrating DocuSign into a company’s existing Dynamics 365 solution relatively easy. The integration work both DocuSign and Microsoft have done on these products mean that any current Dynamics 365 user can install a trial of DocuSign for Dynamics 365 from Microsoft AppSource.

Get DocuSign now

Of course, depending on your Dynamics 365 setup, you may need to customize the DocuSign integration to match your processes. This customization enables you to fully automate the document generation process. Just by selecting a pre-defined template you can complete all variable fields (e.g. who signs the document, quote line items, etc.) and then have the document go through DocuSign. All with automated tracking in your CRM on whether the recipient(s) have signed or not.
Amaxra is a DocuSign for Dynamics 365 partner and ready to either help make your integration seamless or make your new deployment painless.

Contact me at rosalyn.arntzen@amaxra.com or call 425 749 7471 if you have any questions or comments on this blog.

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